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Tardy Policy

MHS Front Entrance

Our expectations for class attendance also include punctuality and preparation.  Students are expected to arrive in class on time and with the necessary homework, books, and materials.  If a student is more than 10 minutes late, the tardy is recorded as an unexcused absence. Students who are habitually tardy and disrupt the learning and instruction process will be disciplined.  Tardies can be excused for the following reasons: 

Late arrival with a written note from the parent/guardian for first period only; written excuse or pass from the attendance office or any school official; written pass from a teacher who detained the student; or late bus arrival.

Students who arrive late to class may be subject to a tardy sweep.  Late students will receive a lunch detention and then return to class.  Students with chronic tardies will be restricted from school until a parent meets with an administrator.  In addition, teachers will impose their own classroom consequences for tardies.

Tardies will be calculated by period, per quarter.

There will be consequences as follows: (Tardy Referral)

  • 3rd tardy = Lunch Detention
  • 5th tardy = After School Detention
  • 7th tardy = After School Detention
  • 8th plus each additional tardy = Referral to Administration

Tardy Sweeps

Students who arrive late to class may be subject to a tardy sweep.  Students caught in a tardy sweep will receive a Lunch Detention slip and then return to class.   *Students will be allowed to reschedule detention one time per semester.